Spiced Orange Chutney


The orange chutney has its roots in…… Messinia. Yes, you read that right, the orange chutney is inspired by the traditional Messinian cured pork. Our love for cooking and local Messinian products inspired us and so we “closed” all these flavors in a jar. The result is a deeply aromatic and flavorful chutney with the sweetness and amazing flavor of orange and the warmth and depth of cumin. Try it and it will elevate the flavors and your dishes!

Our Spiced Orange chutney is made from Laconian oranges, sugar, vinegar (contains sulphites), spices (cumin, mustard, bay leaf, allspice) and salt.

Tip:Orange chutney goes perfectly with all types of salads, meats (pork stew, pork steak) and poultry.

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