Our love for good and tasty food and a “touch” of art on our daily table prompted us to start the Mamellada chutneys.

With simple yet very special recipes, we always choose fresh fruits and vegetables from small producers of the Peloponnese and process them on the same day to preserve their freshness.

Our recipes are unique, inspired by our own preferences, and cooked in small batches to ensure the best quality for our products. Handmade, without preservatives, dyes, gluten and dairy suitable for a vegan, vegetarian or fasting diet our chutneys come to meet all your taste preferences!

Our production is focused on chutney sauces.. Chutney is a sauce or sauce base with roots in Anglo-Indian cuisine. It contains ingredients such as aromatic spices, vegetables or fruits, vinegar and sugar.

The sweet and sour, spicy and smooth flavours of chutneys can be used:

  • as sauces for vegetables, pasta, bread, cheese, meat, sausages and pizza
  • in cooking as spices giving extra flavour and aroma to any food they are added
  • as an accompaniment to cheese and meat and charcuterie platters.

Mamellada chutneys are available in pepper, apple, smoked pepper, tomato, orange and onion flavours. And in the range with natural fruit sugars pepper, smoked pepper, apple and orange.

Our first recipe, pepper chutney, received 1 star at the Great Taste Awards 2019

At Mamellada

we use only fresh fruits and vegetables

Our aim is to always offer you the best!